Bihar Student Credit Card

Loan Approval Process For Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme

After successfully submitting all the documents the government officials will examine the submitted documents. The verification process takes maximum 15 Days after receiving documents from the student. After the verification, the details are shared with the banks which then approve or disapprove the loan The reason of approval or disapproval of loan is shared by bank through SMS on registered mobile number shared during form submission.

Steps To Apply For Bihar Students Credit Card Scheme

The students who are eligible for this scheme can apply through online portal. Following are the steps to apply online for this scheme.

Student Credit Cards: How to get best credit card for students

Credit cards have changed the way we spend. You can make small to high-value purchases securely and avail emergency loans while earning handsome reward points. Apart from these features, credit card companies also offer other benefits that are customised to suit different spending needs.

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