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media and communication and you will face the challenge of keeping pace with the latest trends, technologies and debates. Media and communication degrees aim to prepare students for work in media-related industries, and train them to critically analyze the ways in which the media reflects, represents and influences the world. The slightly broader field of communication studies extends beyond areas typically considered within the “media” domain, to explore human communications in all kinds of environment and context. This includes not only careers in media such as journalism, marketing and entertainment, but also business and management, education, politics, international relations, law and more.


Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) course is a three-year undergraduate programme that focuses on mass media communication, media journalism, media concerns, and media research, among other things. The BJMC programme is a three-year undergraduate journalism and media degree. The course is divided into six semesters. Applicants must have at least a 50% grade point average in their 10+2 or equivalent from a recognised university/board. In some situations, candidates for BJMC admission may be required to take an entrance examination.

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MJMC (Master of Journalism & Mass Communication) is a postgraduate Mass Communication course of two years duration. The course involves the study of different forms of mass media including newspapers, radio, television, films, etc to convey information to a large audience. The course helps students provide advanced theoretical as well as practical knowledge in various media professions such as journalism, advertising, event management.

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